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Online MSN Programs Make it Possible for Nurses to Work in their Own Practices

February 4th, 2013

Set Up Your Own Family Practice

You can work in your own family health practice as a nurse practitioner by taking advanced training. So, if you’ve always wanted to work in this capacity, you’ll want to check out the online msn programs that are available online. Nurses who pursue advanced training can consult with patients and have more latitude with respect to patient treatment and care.

Twenty-first Century Medicine – How it Has Evolved

Today’s medical innovations require that health care specialists have accelerated skills and training. So, if you currently work as a nurse and want to stay on top in your field, obtaining additional education is a necessity. Medicine has indeed evolved from the time of Hippocrates. Until the late 1800s, any treatments or therapies were empirical in nature and directed toward alleviating symptoms. During this period, advances in pharmacology and pathology began to take hold, all which contributed to establishing more reliable therapies.

The Placebo Effect

During the mid-1900s, the controlled clinical trial was introduced, which enabled health care specialists to determine a drug’s effectiveness. Clinical trials provided diagnosticians with a way to measure the psychological effect a drug and see if any favorable responses were the result of taking placebos or tablets with no therapeutic benefit. Patients, who are treated for menopausal symptoms and certain kinds of pain, often report relief when they are given a placebo instead of a real medication.

Therapies Have Changed – So Has the Role of the Nurse

As a result, nurses who receive advanced training today must have a firm understanding of pharmacological interactions as well a knowledge of diagnostics and psychology as well. Before the advent of specific forms of therapy, rest was often recommended as a treatment for illness or disease. However, in many instances, recovery is more easily realized by activity. Therefore, physical and occupational therapies have replaced former treatments that supported bed rest.  These kinds of discoveries have made the nurse practitioner an instrumental player in treating patients, prescribing medications, and managing disease.

One Recommended Online Nursing Program

Therefore, any nurse who wants to stay ahead in her chosen specialty needs to direct her goals toward taking msn or phd nursing programs online. The Catholic University of America or CUA online program is recommended training. Review the curriculum for yourself in your spare time.